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Download 130.1 MB v1.9.0 Free Octoplus FRP Tool Installer v1.9.0
Download 110.0 MB 1.1.8 Free install_octoplus_huawei_1.1.8.exe
Download 275.0 MB 1.1.8 Free install_octoplus_octopus_LG_3.0.2.exe
Download 133.0 MB 2.9.4 Free install_octoplus_octopus_Samsung_2.9.4.exe
Download 15.0 MB Free install_octoplus_Shell_1.1.9.2.exe
Download 76.0 MB 1.5.8 Free install_octoplus_suite_1.5.8.exe
Download 128.5 MB 1.2.1 v free octoplus_huawei_1.2.1.exe

::::All old and new updates for Octoplus::::